Here you may read all about some very strange books including those pictured and many more.

Or, you may learn about the notorious rascal Frank Harris (1856-1931), author of that most lascivious and lying autobiography My Life and Loves.

Or, about Amanda McKittrick Ros (1860-1939), considered by some to be the worst ever novelist and poet.

Or, about Webster Edgerly (1852-1926), a misanthropic writer of dozens of books of self-help and pseudo-scientific crankery.

Or, some awful poetry.

Or, about me.

Most arousing

Harry De Windt
BUY Moles and their Meaning today. This little book is something of a classic of its kind. It... more
Frank Rudolph Young
Power. Deep down, isn't that what we all want? Power over others, power to induce them to do our... more
William Westfield [pseudonym of William Edgell?]
In the compiling of this little book as a contradiction of the theory of the present Astronomers... more
G. H. Pember
(Please note that this article contains mockery of sincerely held Christian beliefs, albeit of the... more
Dr. Petti Wagner
Wagner's account of her kidnapping and miraculous escape is a sort of fairy story for the soft of... more
George Leonard Herter
What a title, eh? Sadly it isn't quite the full-on male chauvinist rant one might hope for: rather... more
Dr. Roy Foster
Conspiracies. They are everywhere, you know. Equally ubiquitous it would seem are books exposing... more
Robert G Jackson, M.D.
For some reason it has been the pattern for those of the early health food and breakfast cereal... more
Walter C. Wright
[Walter C Wright, Carlton Press, 1979] As its title suggests, this book expounds a theory that... more
Benito Mussolini. Trans. Hiram Motherwell
How many of the twentieth-century's vicious dictators also wrote a bodice-ripping historical novel... more

Most newish

Pundit Acharya
We shall try to study the phenomena known as nervousness in the human body, some of its causes... more
Joyce Shearin
A million dollars! A MILLION DOLLARS! Ideas to make a million DOLLARS!   NUMBER ONE: WRITE A BOOK... more
J Carrington Sellars, F C S
Dear Friends, I step forward, to hand you my brief work, With native diffidence and... more
Julius Spier
Once in a while, someone manages to persuade an apparently reputable imprint to put through the... more
Floyd Foster Barnes
Floyd Foster Barnes wrote and published a number of short pamphlets in the 1920s, of which I have... more
A. S. E. Ackermann
After reading this book at bedtime I fell into a restless dream. I dreamed I was at a party,... more
Donald Richard Ballard
A love letter may be a powerful weapon in the battle for the true one's heart. What more personal,... more
Mary Ries Melendy M. D., Ph. D
Mary Ries Melendy would have loved Facebook, I think. This book is generously illustrated with... more
William Anthony Granville
William Anthony Granville had a distinguished career as a mathematician though one online source... more
Russell T. Wing
What book could be finer than one which teaches processes of logic and thought? What could be a... more